about d&k

So many of you know me as "the soda tab bracelet girl" and it's true, they are my most popular item. But what you don't know is that the soda tab bracelet was not the intention when "Dubz and Kittle" was formed.

A long time ago, in 2007, I was working at a local fitness center. Within the center, a juice bar decided to open for business. (Side note: The name of the juice bar was J.U.I.C.E. Bar standing for 'Join Us In Creating Energy' - so clever!) The owners wanted to sell local handmade goods including some type of jewelry.

At the time, I had been making jewelry for myself and family members for a while and thought it would be an awesome business venture. So I called my best of the best friends (I believe the technical term is BFF) and together we became Dubz & Kittle. (I'm the Dubz)

We then began doing birthday parties, home parties, stop-n-shop's, craft fairs, even an annual party hosted by Dubz and Kittle. We sold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bookmarks (my fave), Beads of Faith items, anklets, pins, and even watches. Everything was completely handmade by the both of us and we had the best of times going shopping for supplies and new organizers (both of our weaknesses).

It wasn't until the fall of 2008 that I made the first soda tab bracelet. My family had been collecting the tabs for a niece who had been donating them to her school. Well, as she got older, her school stopped collecting, but we had gotten into the habit.

So with an over abundance of soda tabs in a bucket, I sat down with elastic and started tinkering. It didn't take long before I had my very first soda tab bracelet. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was and how lightweight considering all the metal involved. It would stretch on and off for easy wear and would almost "shrink" to fit a smaller wrist. I added a cute black ribbon on it to match my outfit for the day and thought "This is so cheesy! I love it!"

Not thinking too much of it, I went out that day with it on. One of my stops for that day was to a local natural goods store who needed to order more of our inventory for their shop. As I was putting things up onto their counter, the girl flipped out. The bracelet instantly caught her eye and she immediately asked "How much?". Not knowing what to say, as I had just created it and wasn't sure how long it would take me to even make a batch, I pulled a number off the top of my head and she immediately ordered a dozen - which sold out in about a week, at which time she continued to order more and more.

Since then, my BFF and I no longer run the business together as she became very busy with finishing up college and moving on to her career. But Dubz & Kittle continues to do craft fairs where we will donate a portion of our profits to a local charity. We have also opened up shop on Etsy and have sold to all over the country and all over the world (including Spain, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Greece). Soon, I see soda tab bracelets making their way to Mars and perhaps Venus.