Monday, September 28, 2009

another bloody mary... my beef with craft fairs

Hello everyone...

This is what i'm peeling about tonight:

Why must craft fairs be soo unprofitable? Think about it. A couple hundred people are coming to the show, they pay a fee to get into the place, and then they barely buy from any vendor. Granted.. times are tough, and we are going through a "rough financial time"... but really, just stay home. (that's harsh, isn't it?)

Here is what I want to know from the potential buyer:

Are you looking for sales? Would a 15% Off sign entice you to buy? What about "$10 each or 2 for $15"... do you respond better to that?

Do you prefer to have a lot of different items to choose from? For example, do you prefer to be able to look at my soda tab bracelets, bookmarks, keyfobs, greeting cards, earrings, necklaces and rings... or would you just like the bracelets and keyfobs? Should I put out all or mostly all that I have, or just some samples of the stuff?

Finally, why do craft fairs/shows insist on allowing non-crafters to sell their items? I understand that every one needs to make money, but I don't see how that's a craft fair. Someone next to me selling purses they went to NYC for and got on the street and is now reselling them here... I don't get it. Do a purse party... right?

Eck - am I alone here? Let me know your thoughts...


  1. Gosh, I totally agree with you. What I don't like is the abundance of jewelry sellers at craft shows who do nothing more than buy a bunch of cute charms from a wholesaler, and put them on chains and just sell them as that. Pretty BRASS jewelry that's not worth a dime! :(

  2. I am in agreement. I think a lot of people just go to craft fairs for "something to do". And they don't mind paying a price to get in and get out of the elements and "browse". It has bothered me for sometime too. People seem not to appreciate handmade and unique anymore. Hang in there!

  3. As a frugal consumer..I would have to say your idea of a "$10 each or 2 for $15" sign would draw me in over a "15% off" sign, personally. "15% Off" doesn't call out a particular price, and without stopping to check, one may not know if it's in their budget. Also, I vote display as much of a variety as you're willing to tote around with you. Not that I know much about the trade!

    And booo to selling non-craft items at a craft fair..that's just lame.

    Good luck Danie!